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Fraternity & Sorority Life

Mission & Commitments of Fraternity & Sorority Life
Community Standards - Student Handbook - Council Bylaws & Policies - FIPG
How to update your roster?
How to update your officers?
How to report individual incidents or organization misconduct?
       Self Report Form 
       Community Report Form 
       Accountability & Sanctioning 
How to schedule a meeting for your Leadership Consultant

To schedule a meeting for a Leadership Consultant send the adviser of your council an email.

Common Terms & Campus Trends  

Meeting Management & Communication


To reserve a room, call the Reservations Office at the Student Union at (806) 742.3636, visit room 203 located on the second floor of the Student Union, or email Belinda Arredondo.

How To Do Business
Planning Ahead 
Robert's Rules
Sample Meeting Agenda
Sample Meeting Minutes
Sample Proposals/Motions
My meetings are too long
My meetings have no purpose
No one is coming to meetings
No one is listening at meetings
How to take attendance? 

Crisis & Member Management

Crisis Management

Standards Board Best Practices 
Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center staff is available to help students with any problems they may be experience. Call (806) 742.3674 to make an appointment or visit the Walk-In Clinic from 12:30pm to 3:30pm every weekday.

Behavioral Intervention Team

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) provides students, faculty and staff with a tool for reporting disruptive, concerning, or unusual behavior so that students of concern can get the support they need.

Student Conduct Office

Fraternity & Sorority Life partners with the Office of Student Conduct to hold students and organizations accountable.

Student Resolutions Center

The Student Resolution Center is a safe place to bring concerns and coaches students on resources, processes, and skills to assist them during times of conflict.

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services provides students legal advice, counsel and limited representations.

Who is really holding you back?

Campus Policies & Practice 


TechAnnounce is an official email announcement/ communication method for the Texas Tech Community.

SUB Reservations

To reserve a room, call the Reservations Office at the Student Union at (806) 742.3636, visit room 203 located on the second floor of the Student Union, or email Belinda Arredondo.

Classroom Reservations

Any use of academic space by student organizations must be approved by the office of Academic Support & Facilities Resources.  Registered student organizations wanting to reserve classrooms must turn in an application in person or on-line.

Grounds Use

Submit the grounds use/ solicitation request form online no later than 6 University working days prior to your event. After submitting the form on line print and return the form to room 304 located on the third floor of the Student Union.





Event Spaces

Frazier Alumni Pavilion

Mckenzie-Merket Center

Kent R. Hance Chapel


Social Event Planning 

Events By The Numbers
Preferred Vendors - Security, Venues and Alcohol Catering
Vendor Checklist 
How to Create a Guest List
Party Themes, Costumes & Builds
How does event insurance actually work?
Safe Ride, Car Pooling and Designated Driver Programs 

Prevention & Risk Education 

Single Sheets
Bystander Intervention 
Alcohol Poisoning & Amnesty Policy 
Prevention Process 
Request a Speaker
Request a Facilitator 

New Member Education

Big/Little Best Practices
Planning a Program that Works
Scavenger Hunts, Signature Books and Hell Week 
Homecoming & Study Hall 
Sleep Deprivation
Activities to Build Better People
Fraternity & Sorority 101

Fundraising - Philanthropy

By the Numbers - How to break the bank, break even or break records
Finding a Balance 
Who are you targeting?
Why Fundraising(Philanthropy) is NOT Community Service

Community Service

Difference between Community Service and Philanthropy?
Volunteer Center Of Lubbock
Awareness vs. Hands on Service
Tapping into your member's passion
Volunteering is Awkward
Volunteering Best Practices  

Financial Resources 

Is it worth it? 
Retaining Members
Red to Black

Red to Black offers peer-to-peer financial coaching to Texas Tech Students.

Best Practices 
Practices that will put your chapter in jeopardy 
Are we tax exempt? 

Council Specific Documents

Council Information, Stats and Websites
Panhellenic Event Process
Panhellenic Code of Ethics
Panhellenic Recruitment Rules
Panhellenic Bylaws
IFC Bylaws
MGC Bylaws
NPHC Bylaws
Intramural Expectations